Should halo be rated m

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should halo be rated m

Halo: First Strike by Eric S. Nylund

Two books and one video game into my deep dive into the “Halo” canon, and color me impressed: this really is a strikingly well realized universe. The way that Eric Nylund structures “First Strike” is pretty interesting – it serves as both a direct follow-up to the events of the first “Halo” game, as well as being what’s ostensibly Part 2 of a single broader narrative that Nylund started in his first novel, “The Fall of Reach, which was set BEFORE the events of the first game. The fact that “First Strike” manages to work as an individual story AND as another chapter in the ongoing “Halo” narrative is a testament to Nylund’s storytelling abilities.

Bring on “Halo 2.”
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Why I'm worried about Halo Infinite

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Eric S. Nylund

Why is Halo rated M, but Uncharted is rated T?

They are both good games, ok. Now with that clear I have always found it odd for Halo to have an M rating, it doesn't really have anything overly offensive or violent in it. No one get's their head blown off well the Flood do, so mabey? Just some blood falls to the floor, and that's all. Hell look at Halo Reach? That is solely about humanes vs the covenant so where would they get the M rating from?

This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more. Halo has always been more tame compared to other shooters with an M rating. Show More Show Less. Halo should do whatever it needs to do to get an engaging story and gameplay style across and not worry about what label a company puts on it after everything is all done.

What's going on here? An M rating is the video game industry's equivalent of a film being rated R, i. Underage gamers aren't allowed to buy M-rated games in brick and mortar stores though those ratings often go ignored once a game makes it home. A T rating is a the next step down , akin to getting a PG on a movie. Not necessarily. First, Industries' devotion to the needs of the story it set out to tell unintentionally resulted in a violence level that's less severe than usual. Or, the more likely explanation, the ESRB's "objective" standards have changed over time to match society's expectations.

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Common Sense says

This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Help Register Sign In. As you all know, Halo is a great game and all, but the rating of it is stupid. When you play it, you barely see any blood at all.

Playing any Halo game on Xbox Live quickly reveals the hordes of children and teens enjoying this Mature-rated series. But the M rating, just like its Restricted movie counterpart, is pretty broad in scope and may not be extremely helpful for parents trying to decide whether or not to allow their children to play a particular game. For example, a wide gulf separates the content of the films The Matrix and Hostel , though both films sport an R rating. All have been rated Mature and included predictable levels of violence, sex and drugs. The epic plot and hero appeals to all ages, and parents who approve can enjoy Halo 4 with their kids because every facet includes cooperative play.


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