Iron maiden world tour flight 666

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iron maiden world tour flight 666

On Board Flight 666 by Iron Maiden


IRON MAIDEN are a global phenomenon. On board their customised Boeing 757 plane named ED FORCE ONE, and piloted by lead singer and Airline Captain Bruce Dickinson, the band, crew and 12 tonnes of equipment traversed the planet and broke the mould of traditional touring forever by playing concerts in every continent except Antarctica! Setting off in early 2008 on the Somewhere Back In Time World Tour, through to the epic Final Frontier tour which included an Around The World In 66 Days jaunt between February-April 2011, Maiden finally came in to land in August with two sold-out shows in their native London at the O2 Arena. The Final Frontier Tour celebrates their 15th and most successful studio album to date, hitting the No 1 spot in at least 28 countries. Throughout this mammoth and ground-breaking undertaking, the bands official photographer John McMurtrie accompanied them and the exciting results of his fly-on-the-wall coverage are represented here in this unique, pictorial odyssey .

Johns unrestricted access has allowed him to capture exclusive images and moments both onstage and off, in over 600 spectacular photographs annotated with individual insights and anecdotes.

With a personal foreword by Captain Bruce Dickinson, ON BOARD FLIGHT 666 takes you up close with IRON MAIDEN as they circumnavigate the globe playing to their loyal legions of fans and provides an unprecedented insight into one of the most adventurous rock tours ever undertaken; and into what makes this band so special.
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Iron Maiden - Wasted Years (Flight 666) [HD]

Iron Maiden to release tour documentary

Iron Maiden are soon to crash a gigantic, shrieking jet-plane into cinemas worldwide — which is to say, release a documentary. In a press release, the band offered many pertinent numbers: 13 countries, 45 days, 70, kms and almost half a million face-painted fans. The title's number goes without explanation, but we assume it is because Iron Maiden like scary multiples of three. Of course, no one goes to an Iron Maiden film to see the band recite statistics. No, they want to see one of the world's biggest heavy metal bands pilot their own aeroplane. Iron Maiden did just that, circumnavigating the globe in a customised Boeing filled with OK, one more number 12 tonnes of equipment.

Iron Maiden: Flight is a concert documentary film featuring the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden. The film follows the band on the first leg of their Somewhere Back in Time World Tour between February and March , during which they travelled on their own customised Boeing , Ed Force One, which used the call-sign "". The film was shot in high-definition video with accompanying 5. The aeroplane was largely piloted by the band's lead singer, Bruce Dickinson , who was then employed by Astraeus Airlines. Despite the technical aspects behind the tour, the documentary is predominantly about the group's fans, with Dickinson commenting that "Two-thirds of the film is not about us". The screenings on 21 April were very successful, with Arts Alliance Media reporting that it was the largest simultaneous worldwide release of a documentary film.

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Flight 666

Iron Maiden - Flight 666

Flight documents the first leg of Maiden's legendary Somewhere Back In Time World Tour which took them 50, miles round the planet playing 23 concerts on five continents in just 45 days. One of the stars of the movie is the band's customised Boeing , Ed Force One, which carried the band, all their crew, 12 tons of stage equipment and was piloted by airline captain and singer Bruce Dickinson. The movie gives a close up behind the scenes look at what happened on and off stage, when Maiden gave full access to a film crew for the first time ever, and contains some of the most spectacular live footage yet seen of Maiden. If you want to know what it is like to be part of the most adventurous tour in rock history, you can't miss seeing this. Taking you from Mumbai to Santiago, LA to Sydney, Tokyo to Sao Paulo and all points betweem, through exhaustion and fan pandemonium, travelling with the band and crew on the plane, to and from shows, in the bar and during leisure time, this really is Access All Areas!


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