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detective paul gordon nsw police

Milat: Inside Australias Biggest Manhunt - A Detectives Story by Clive Small

Milat - the serial killer who preyed on young hitchhikers. The backpackers - the innocent victims of a brutal murderer. Belanglo - a place that became synonymous with pure evil.

It was the biggest and most complex manhunt in Australian history, an investigation that gripped a nation. Behind the many false leads and dead ends, precious clues emerged that pointed to one man.

This is the story of how Ivan Milat was caught. Clive Small takes us inside the operation he led as his team painstakingly pieced together the evidence that put Milat behind bars. But questions remain. Did he act alone? Were there other victims? How much did his family know? And what of his great-nephew, who brutally killed a young man in 2010?

Chilling, forensic, compassionate - this is the definitive story that could only be told by someone at the centre of the police operation. It is also a powerful argument for the investigation of more than a hundred unsolved murders.
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Published 31.12.2018

Sister helped serial killer Ivan Milat with murders claims lawyer

Apr 25, More than a decade after former NSW Police Assistant Former detective Paul Gordon was kicked off the task force after leaking information to.
Clive Small

Police war poised to erupt over TV credit for Catching Milat

Thank you for signing up. Sorry, it looks like an error occurred. The former police officer who put backpacker murderer Ivan Milat in jail has recounted a chance run-in with the killer that led to an admission of guilt. For the man behind the high-profile investigation of Australia's notorious backpacker killer, this was his "gotcha moment". Milat is aggravated at accusations his sister, Shirley, was involved in the infamous backpacker murders in the Belanglo State Forest. When a grey-haired Milat confronts Mr Small during their chance encounter, Mr Small assures him he knows Milat killed the travellers himself. Mr Small has revealed the moment he says is as "close to an admission of guilt" as he ever got from the Southern Highlands murderer in his latest book, Milat.

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Day In The Life At The Academy

Catching Milat is a two-part Australian television miniseries that screened on the Seven Network , in collaboration with " Screen Australia " on 17 and 24 May Clive Small, a former assistant police commissioner , retired detective and now author, served as the investigation team head of "Task Force Air". He has criticised the program as a marginally fictionalised account, especially for overstating the role of Detective Paul Gordon. The first episode aired on 17 May at on the Seven Network. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The man who headed up the investigation that caught Ivan Milat has slammed the Seven Network series about the convicted serial killer, saying parts of it were pure fiction. Catching Milat , a dramatised mini-series about the investigation into the backpacker murders in NSW's Belanglo State Forest, concluded on Sunday night. Former assistant police commissioner Clive Small, who was the superintendent on the case at the time, said the role of detective Paul Gordon, played by actor Richard Cawthorne, was "pure fiction from start to finish". Small said Gordon was not the man who caught Milat but there was a team of more than police that worked extremely hard to catch the killer. According to the former detective, Gordon was only on the case for about five months, as opposed to the two years shown in the teleseries. And I think the show has also shown a fair deal of disrespect to the family and friends of the victims and I think that's a bit unnecessary and upsetting," Small said on the Kyle and Jackie O radio show on Monday.


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    Clive Small played by Geoff Morrell.

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    May 25, Pure fiction: Former NSW Assistant Police Commissioner Clive Small Small said that Gordon had never even met Paul Onions, the English.

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    Milat is aggravated at accusations his sister, Shirley, was involved in the infamous backpacker murders in the Belanglo State Forest.

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