Battle of st quentin ww1

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battle of st quentin ww1


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BF1 PS4 Fighter Battle Of St Quentin ?

Battle of St Quentin Canal

Quentin in Picardy is home to many outstanding architectural features including an extraordinary, medieval basilica that can be seen from miles around in the Picardy countryside says Bob Lyons as he visits this quintessential French town…. The Basilique Saint Quentin is imposing and dominating and bears the scars of Great War damage that occurred in this region between and This ecclesiastical structure also bears the signs of the preparation of its destruction by German explosives. Next to the town railway station, there is a mighty war memorial commemorating the fallen soldiers of the town during WW1. Quentin was occupied early on in the First World War and was used as a component of their defensive Hindenburg Line. Saint Quentin these days is very colourful, busy and with a solid sense of typical Gallic culture. Quentin lies at the heart of so many vestiges from the fighting during the Great War and there are many military cemeteries surrounding it; the Somme battle grounds lie not far away westwards, towards the coast.

The Battle of St. Quentin Canal was a pivotal battle of World War I that began on 29 September and involved British, Australian and American forces.
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Mont St Quentin stood out in the surrounding country, making it a perfect observation point and a vital strategic area to control. This area was key to the German defence of the Somme line. As it was such an important area, Lieutenant General Sir John Monash was keen to capture it and thus possess a valuable position. This Australian operation is sometimes regarded as the finest achievement of the AIF. The 2nd Australian Division crossed the Somme River on the night of 31 August, and attacked Mont St Quentin at 5 am, from the unexpected position of northwest. It was a difficult position as it was an uphill fight for the troops, across very open ground where they were vulnerable to attack from the German-held heights above.


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