Jennifer nicole lee before diet

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jennifer nicole lee before diet

Books by Jennifer Nicole Lee (Author of The Jennifer Nicole Lee Fitness Model Diet)

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Published 31.12.2018

Jennifer Nicole Lee Pantry (The Sexy Body Diet) Fitness Model Program

JNL's inspirational weight loss success story has motivated millions worldwide. Start reading The Jennifer Nicole Lee Fitness Model Diet on your Kindle in.
Jennifer Nicole Lee

Toning Workouts For Women

Jennifer went to work and set about changing the way she ate and exercised. Her family later moved to Tennessee. Not happy with her lifestyle of unhealthy eating and lack of exercise, Jennifer decided to make a huge change in her life and get fit once and for all. With no prior athletic background, Jennifer struggled with her weight for the majority of her life. This is when word really started to spread about Jennifer and what can be achieved with hard work and dedication. Jennifer has influenced millions of people worldwide after appearing on TV shows talking about her own fitness journey and the changes she made to better her health and fitness. With hard work and dedication, you too can achieve greatness just like Jennifer.

It is not often we share weight loss before and after photos here, but the amazing transformation of Jennifer Nicole Lee is certainly worth sharing. Before she started working out and dieting Jennifer Nicole Lee was very overweight, weighing over pounds. She gained all the weight after the birth of her baby boy. She taught herself how to exercise properly and how to eat healthily to lose weight. This photo shows how she looked before she started her workout program and how she looked afterwards it is of course possible that there is a little extra work done with Photoshop here, but overall, the result is amazing. You can see that she gained a lot of tummy fat after the birth of her son. Many women think that it is not possible to tighten their stomach once they are a mom, but this is simply not true.

Before she started working out and dieting Jennifer Nicole Lee was very overweight, weighing over pounds. She gained all the weight after the birth of her.
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How Did She Do It?

Are you a busy and overweight mom? Do you feel miserable thinking that lean and sexy days of yours are just good memories of gone days, which will never come back? Well then, what would you say about Jennifer Nicole Lee , who despite being the mom of two kids is a famous fitness trainer and fitness model. She actually shed away seventy pounds before she became the fitness diva. And afterward, her popularity grew so much so that prestigious fitness magazines loved to adorn their cover page with her sexy images. Instead, it is the quality, intensity, and technique of workouts which creates the difference. She herself executes workouts four times in a week.


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    In at the age of thirty-one, Jennifer was crowned the first ever Miss Muscle and Fitness, making her one of the most sought after fitness models in the nation.

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    Jennifer Nicole Lee (PICTURES): How I Lost 80 Pounds and Got Sexy - CBS News

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