Short story about self discipline

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short story about self discipline

365 Days With Self-Discipline: 365 Life-Altering Thoughts on Self-Control, Mental Resilience, and Success by Martin Meadows

A Must Read for everyone interested in self-improvement

I first got the e-book 365 Days With Self-Discipline, but after a few days I decide this is a “must have” book for everyone interested in self-development, or for anyone who just want to build self-discipline and willpower, so I bought the paperback version, this book is now a part of my morning routine, self-disciple means everything when it comes to getting a successful life, so to stay on track I read 1 chapter a day.

The book is divided into 365 short chapters of a page or two, each chapter is starting with a quote which is explained with daily life examples, the book is very easy to read, and I love the simplicity, it is clear that Martin Meadows know his field, 365 Days With Self-Discipline has made a huge impact on my life, and I can’t recommend this book enough, the paper quality is very good, and with a lot of space for notes.
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Published 23.12.2018

Self Discipline

The world loves to shine a light on successful people. They could be an athlete, singer or business person.
Martin Meadows

Life lessons on self discipline

All these successful people shared a common character trait: self-discipline. Self-discipline is the ability to control your impulses and be able to make yourself do things that needs to be done. This can sometimes mean turning down instant gratification in favor of long term gain and satisfaction. Often you get inspired, and you want to live the same lifestyle as they are. Today, I want to talk about a success story that I eye-witnessed. When people see him now, they see a very smart and successful accountant. They see a good stock trader who understands the market.

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It is a cold winter Monday morning in Khandarpur. Khandarpur is a city in Khandarganj state that lacked the usual hustle bustle. Roads are quite clean and the traffic also did not seem to be a problem due to its wide roads. Manu, an eight year old, is sleeping comfortably in his bedroom upstairs, at the Khagal house. After a sumptuous meal at the party last night, Manu is reluctant to wake up in the morning.

A teacher and his student were walking from one village to another, when they suddenly heard a roar behind them. Turning their gaze in the direction of the roar, they saw a big tiger following them. The first thing the student wanted to do was to run away, but since he has been studying and practicing self-discipline, he was able to halt himself from running, and wait to see what his teacher would do. The teacher looked at the student and answered in a calm voice: "There are several options. We can fill our minds with paralyzing fear so that we cannot move, and let the tiger do with us whatever pleases it.



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  2. Emmanuel D. says:

    It's the story of the self discipline that made these individuals a success. We need to deprive ourselves in the short term, so we can get what we want in the.

  3. Aubrey S. says:

    Self-Discipline is the Foundation for Success

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