What does psychic say about maura murray

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what does psychic say about maura murray

True Crime Addict: How I Lost Myself in the Mysterious Disappearance of Maura Murray by James Renner

When an eleven-year-old James Renner fell in love with Amy Mihaljevic, the missing girl seen on posters all over his neighborhood, it was the beginning of a lifelong obsession with true crime. That obsession led Renner to a successful career as an investigative journalist. It also gave him post-traumatic stress disorder. In 2011, Renner began researching the strange disappearance of Maura Murray, a University of Massachusetts student who went missing after wrecking her car in rural New Hampshire in 2004. Over the course of his investigation, he uncovered numerous important and shocking new clues about what may have happened to Murray but also found himself in increasingly dangerous situations with little regard for his own well-being. As his quest to find Murray deepened, the case started taking a toll on his personal life, which began to spiral out of control. The result is an absorbing dual investigation of the complicated story of the All-American girl who went missing and Renners own equally complicated true-crime addiction.

True Crime Addict is the story of Renners spellbinding investigation, which has taken on a life of its own for armchair sleuths across the web. In the spirit of David Finchers Zodiac, its a fascinating look at a case that has eluded authorities and one mans obsessive quest for the answers.
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Exclusive Uncut Interview with Famous Medium Allison DuBois

Baron claims to have worked on numerous cases, most of which involve either missing persons or homicides with no suspect.
James Renner

Lori Bruno

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Thank you for taking the time out to do this reading Empathy. I know you always try to remain positive with your readings, but I have to ask did anything point to Maura still being alive? I am from the area and have always wondered what could have happened this girl. Even 7 years later nobody knows why she was in New Hampshire, where her car crashed. I still dont really know much of the background details to mauras case I did skim through after doing her reading but from what you are saying her car and her were somewhere else? I will have a look at the details. Health is never really a subject I dwell on as you know positivity etc, but there were indications of great stress and possible head injury or as mentioned it could have been body aches and pains.

Murray, who believes his daughter was abducted, said he contacted Baron a few weeks ago after being told of her strong track record with missing persons cases. The California psychic said she has helped dozens of police departments with homicide and missing persons cases over the past 20 years. Baron said yesterday that after speaking with Fred Murray on the phone, she saw visions of Maura Murray and received messages from her in the form of thoughts. The man then sexually assaulted her and buried her body in a sparsely wooded area that may be a construction site, Baron said. It was an opportunity. Baron equated her visions to snippets of a movie film, in which she perceives some details but not others. She could not say where Murray was picked up by her assailant, or whether Murray had hitched previous rides.

Allison said she knew absolutely nothing about Maura Murray or about any of the Maggie asked her if she believes Maura is still alive.
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Maura Murray

How do you think she died Juli? Do you think she was alone in the car? I think she may not have been in the car at that moment

The psychic said she believes the young woman is dead, the victim of a serial killer. University of Massachusetts nursing student Maura Murray has not been seen since she was involved in a one-car accident in Haverhill on Feb. Police have said there are no signs of foul play, but her family, and now nationally known psychic Carla Baron say they believe someone picked Murray up after the accident and harmed her. Baron, of Los Angeles, said she believes Murray was picked up by a man passing through the area. Baron, a psychic profiler who helped lead police to finding the body of a man who had committed suicide in a cornfield in the Midwest, has provided Murray's father, Fred, with a description of the person she believes picked up his daughter, as well as the type of vehicle.



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    r/mauramurray: Maura Murray disappeared on the evening of February 9, If you search for her name on the site you can find drawings and other odd things.

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    maura murray psychic | Not Without Peril | The Maura Murray Blog

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    Maura Murray disappeared on 9 February after a one-car accident . Tarot can tell us location details but not names through descriptions.

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