How to quit worrying about money

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how to quit worrying about money

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This is Exactly What I Did to Stop Worrying about Money…and You Should Try It Too

Not too long ago, I was having a conversation with an old friend about life, the universe, and everything. We talked about career choices, our recent and upcoming travels, our families, and many other topics. Not surprisingly, that little statement stuck in the back of my mind. Worrying about money? The time in my life when I genuinely worried the most about money was in , when I was practically drowning in debt. I was almost ill with stress at times.

Sure, it would be nice. In our very private moments, most of us have simple dreams when it comes to money and life. We want to stop worrying about money and live lives of meaning and contentment. Getting rid of money stress is a worthy dream and you can make it happen; you can stop worrying about money and live your life on your own terms. Yet there is a part of you that doubts, that keeps asking:.

Money can become an addiction like anything else. It can control your life. And to be honest, it's probably the only thing in my life that at times has become an obsession. Let me elaborate on at last point. I am a financial advisor.

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Stress less, starting now. In these challenging times, money worries are never far from any of our minds. How do you stop that negative cycle of worry and feel hopeful again? Without winning the Powerball, that is. Start by discerning between irrational worries that you can set aside and valid concerns that warrant action. So once your savings are on track, relax.


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    Stop Obsessing Over Money | HuffPost Life

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    Do you constantly worry about money? Learn more about the harmful effects, as well as ways to change the way you think & act to ease your financial worries.

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