Funny poetry about education in urdu

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funny poetry about education in urdu

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funny poetry on education

Personification is a lovely literary tool. It attributes human-like qualities to things that are non-human such as animals and pets or inanimate such as notebooks or stones.

Funny Urdu Poetry

Students will recognize their schoolteachers and professors among the incisive portraits, and teachers will find serious and funny poems on the ups and downs of the trade that verges on vocation. Like musk oxen we hunkered while his lecture drifted against us like snow. I passed by the school where I studied as a boy and said in my heart: here I learned certain things and didn't learn others. On the porch of the reservation school the blackbirds walk around our feet, fly into our head. I was a math major—fond of all things rational. It was the first day of my first poetry class.

Larka: Saalay!! Phar tu may 10 sal se raha hoon, Ye bata Pass kab hongaa! Ek bacha ghar sai maar kha kar gussay may School Jaa raha tha. Bacha: Nahi… Uniform pahan kar Mujra karnay Jaata hoon! The most funniest moment in life of a student:.

However, his works include other genres as well. He writes in Punjabi , Urdu and Persian languages. His poetry is known for the unique use of everyday, commonplace phrases and wording that is instantly relatable for masses in the region. Numerous of his Punjabi lines and phrases have actually become a figure of speech in everyday conversations. The most prominent feature of his expression is the poignancy buried deep under the humor making his poetry one of its kind.

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