Things i love about dad

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things i love about dad

60 Things That I Love About Dad: Fill In The Blank Book With Prompts About What I Love About Dad, Personalized book for dad, Funny fathers day gifts, Fathers day notebook by Booki Nova

Youre looking for a personalized gift for your dad?! So this Fathers Day book is the perfect gift.
This book is designed to express your Love and your Appreciation for your father

The first page contains a place to put a picture or a drawing and plenty of free space to write what you want.
The other pages contain Fill-in-the-blank lines and sweet prompts like:

If i had to describe you in one word itd be_________
I love your_________ in everything you have done
You inspire me to _______
It makes me smile when you _________

I love your epic capacity for_________

I love how you are_________to everyone

Thank you for _________

And many more! There are 60 total, enough to describe why you love your dad.

All you have to do is fill all the lines and you will have a unique gift suitable for many occasions (Fathers Day, Valentines Day, Christmas, Birthday, etc...)

The only thing we can guarantee is Your Dad will appreciate that you spent the time to make him a loving gift!
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10 Things We Love About Our Dad

10 Things I Love About My Dad Poster

Hi Rach, Happy Birthday to your amazing Daddy! We adore him as well!!! He truly is a remarkable man, and so incredibly giving. He and your Mom have raised amazing children! They should be so very proud! Love ya! He is kind of difficult read, yes?

June 15, by gabrielsbrain. This is an amazing post! As I was reading it, I was just thinking that I hope my kids could write a list of reasons why I am the best Mom one day! Right now they are 3 and 1, but hopefully one day. This inspires every parent to be a better parent. Thank you. Gabriel, I am so proud to be your Papa!

Notify me when this product is available:. Dad's beer, coffee or tea can go here! Let dad know how you feel about him when he reaches for his cuppa in the morning.
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  1. Felicienne F. says:

    You just turned 50 and that is a huge milestone.

  2. Urdipubdots says:

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  3. Holly S. says:

    A lot of the time Dads are the unsung heroes of the family.

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