Cool facts about the respiratory system

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cool facts about the respiratory system

20 Fun Facts about the Respiratory System by Zelda Salt

Oxygen is one of the most essential needs for life on Earth, and respiration is how living things use it. But theres a lot more going on in this seemingly simple process than you might think. The respiratory system is in some ways the most underappreciated of the body systems, since it works 24/7, mostly without being noticed, and never gets a single moments rest. In this book, readers discover the most fascinating facts about respiration, the structure of the lungs, and even some of the seemingly gross processes that happen in their body!
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Amazing Facts about the Respiratory System

5 Amazing Fun Facts about the Respiratory System

MORE: Learn why every breath matters for patients with pulmonary hypertension. Breathing is the most important thing our body does. To accommodate the heart, the right lung is larger than the left lung for humans, that is. Lungs float on water. Lungs and tennis courts can be the same size. What do lungs and a tennis court have in common? Their size!

Before Jumping into the interesting facts about the respiratory system, let me give you a short intro on what is a respiratory system, its role in your overall health, how to take care of this organ, etc. Do not skip this part. It will take only a minute but will give you the value worth a million. Read on. Organs that make up the respiratory system are Lungs, Trachea, Bronchus and Diaphragm. The primary responsibility of Lungs is none other than the gas exchange inhaling oxygen and exhaling Carbon dioxide.

Facts about the respiratory system

Check out our range of interesting human body facts for kids and learn some fun trivia about how the human body works. Lung Facts.

The respiratory system is made up of several organs and structures, including the lungs, windpipe, diaphragm and alveoli. It is responsible for taking in oxygen and expelling carbon-dioxide waste. Breathing allows you to take in the oxygen your cells need and expel carbon-dioxide waste. But when you exhale, you also breathe out a lot of water. When at rest, humans exhale up to

Linda Crampton is a writer and teacher with a first class honors degree in biology. She often writes about the scientific basis of disease. The human body is a fascinating structure that can perform some very impressive feats. In order to perform these feats, the body needs input from the environment and must release the waste products that it makes. The regular input of oxygen and output of carbon dioxide via the respiratory system is vital. This system has some interesting and sometimes surprising features. The respiratory system is a network of tubes, sacs, and muscles that obtains oxygen from the air and transports it to the bloodstream.


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