What does it mean to dream about cockroaches

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what does it mean to dream about cockroaches

Cockroaches Quotes (13 quotes)

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Published 25.12.2018

A Cockroach Dream Interpretation (Intuitive)

Cockroaches are insects which scare and disgust most people. They are incredibly resistant insects, said to be older than dinosaurs, dating back at least million years ago. Dreams about cockroaches are usually a good sign.

Dream About Roaches

The roaches are the insects that are known as very dirty creatures. Dreams about roaches are normal, so they should not scare you, even though they may be very unpleasant and even disgusting. In most of the cases dreams about roaches are disgusting and their symbolism is negative. However, those dreams can be positive sometimes and they can be a symbol of good health. If you have a dream about roaches, you should not be worried or afraid, because their symbolism can vary from one to another situation that you have seen in your dream.

What do reoccurring dreams of cockroaches mean? As I mentioned in the above paragraphs this pesky bug often scurries around the floor and in a dream but.
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Dream dictionary: What does it mean to dream about cockroaches?

By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. You can find out more by following this link. As the cockroach is flattened and oval in shape it is connected spiritually to rebirth. As a spiritual omen, the cockroach can be a sign of rebirth, longevity, and tenacity. Polyamide, cryptocerdidae , nocticolidae , balattidae , balberidae and blattellidae. Yes, complex words took me a while to type - but it is important to have a detailed understanding of what this little creature means in your dream, I will break down your dream from both a spiritual and psychological perspective unlike other dream dictionaries, I have been learning about dreams for 20 years.

Do you feel disgusting and annoying at the sight of cockroaches? You may have already made your house roach-free. Still, can you ever remove the cockroach from your night dream? You have no control over it. Some of us think it to be only a dream of the nasty insect and do not show any concern over it. However, dream psychologists have spent their time to find out the hidden meaning of this dream.


  1. Belisaria M. says:

    Insects are one of the most numerous classes of living organisms on earth.

  2. Sigfrido A. says:

    Cockroaches are nasty insects that often appear in places that are not very clean or that are not so pleasant to be in.

  3. Tancredo A. says:

    But what does it mean to dream about cockroaches and do they bring up same symbolism as they do in reality. We will list some of the most common dreams.

  4. Edward C. says:

    A game of thrones hardcover box set someone who changes their mind frequently

  5. Bradley C. says:

    Dream about seeing a cockroach

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