Rock on book about rocks

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rock on book about rocks

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If You Find a Rock (Ready Read Aloud)

Children’s Books about Rocks

Log in or Register. Suitable for 9 - 12 years. To help you find what you're looking for, see similar items below. More books for 9 - 12 year olds. As this book will show you, rocks are — well, totally rocking! Buried under your feet are ancient fossils, precious gemstones, and minerals that almost seem to have magical powers. Crack open a dull-looking geode to reveal a rainbow of sparkling crystals.

I strongly believe in the importance of integrating books and literature into any science unit. By having a selection of both fiction and nonfiction books available for kids related to the subject being taught, children have an accessible resource they can go to at any time to build on their learning. The book set helps them discover new information, fosters a love of learning, and helps them build connections among various texts and with the world around them. Many of these books also make great read alouds! You might be surprised which books your child relates to- even if they are not in the suggested age range. This post contains affiliate links. This Reading Rainbow book is a great way to introduce rocks to younger children using fairly simple text and illustrations.

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Rock cycle video - Learn about Types of Rocks - Rock cycle for kids

What I appreciate about the book are the use of real images and the idea that a rock is and can be much more than a simple hard object. This book is sure to ignite a child's interest in rocks. A great book for the start of a unit. My boys love reading about life sciences and nature. This book, with it's wonderful images although I do prefer real images , is the perfect companion for them. The books works well with year olds giving lots of information.

In addition to the books we already have in our collection, we checked out over 20 more books about rocks to go along with our R is for Rocks theme. We do a lot of reading to go along with our themes , and I like to have a good amount of books in bins around for kids to look at. Add some rock books to an art table with loose parts and rocks, so kids can use the images as inspiration for creating their own designs. Set out some nonfiction books with a hand lens and a variety of rocks for kids to use at a science investigation table. There were a few rock books that really stood out and grabbed the attention of my preschoolers.


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