What is sofia the first about

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what is sofia the first about

Sofia the First by Catherine Hapka

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Sofia The First was a book that was quickly grabbed by my daughter on one of our trips to chapters. She was quickly taken with the sparkles and the super cute princess on the cover. There was no way I could say no so we came home and read it. In the end this was a cute story, but I think it had a lot of missed potential.

Sofia is a regular girl whose mother recently married a king. Becoming a princess is wreaking havoc on Sofia’s nerves as she struggles to fit into the role and live up to her new step sister, Amber. Sofia looks for help along the way and gets it from the sorcerer of the castle (who is really no help at all) and the one and only Cinderella teaches her a bit about dealing with unruly stepsisters. I had expected a cute story about Sofia shaking things up in the palace and making the royals realize they didn’t need to be so stuffy all the time. But what we got was Sofia’s struggle to fit in and the lessons that make her perfect, and then she ended up being just that. My daughter did let out a few chuckles throughout and really enjoyed the wonderful illustrations but I would have liked to see Sofia being accepted for who she was, rather than becoming the perfect princess.

While I was disappointed in the direction Sofia’s growth took, I did enjoy her coming together with Amber and them working together to find a solution. This is a cute story with no real lesson to be had. It definitely has cute drawings, but don’t look for anything too deep in this one.
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Sofia The First & Sofia The First Full Episode ? Cartoon for kids # 11

Sofia the First

Sign in. After a secret meeting of sorcerers, Cedric has to choose between taking over the kingdom and his friendship with Sofia. As Sofia, and her siblings Amber and James, prepare for their graduation from Royal Prep Academy, Sofia is called back to the Mystic Isles to face an evil witch named Vor, who is trying to take over When Sofia, Amber and James are left in charge of the castle for the day, they attempt to make peace between the River Elves and the Tree Elves. Breakout star Erin Moriarty of " The Boys " shouts out her real-life super squad of actors. Watch now.

The following characters are featured in the Disney Junior animated series, Sofia the First. Contents. 1 Main cast; 2 Disney Princesses; 3 Characters from other.
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When it came to finding out if there actually was an audience out there for Sofia the First , Disney Junior decided to go by the book. Find a unique and fun way to introduce the character of Sofia to the world. So Nancy had Sofia the First picture storybooks printed and bound. She then had these hardcovers distributed to mothers all over Southern California with some very specific instructions. Whether they actually liked this new storybook world which we'd created and all of the characters who lived there. Mind you, Nancy took an active role during the testing of this proposed television series. Just so Kanter could personally introduce Disney's newest princess to these preschoolers.


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    Sofia the First is an American animated television series that premiered on November 18, , produced by Disney Television Animation for Disney Channel.

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