Best books about global warming

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best books about global warming

Global Warming Book Lists

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Published 22.12.2018

Climate Change Book Recommendations

17 Books That Will Change The Way You Think About The World

Summer is a time for big projects, especially those that involve fixing or upgrading the exteriors of our dwellings or the landscapes that surround them. Summer is also a time for getting in shape. Consider also including climate change in your summer reading plans. They also show how climate change can effectively be addressed by businesses, community groups, corporations, cities, and governments. Make a list … and then make a difference.

BuzzFeed Books recently asked Goodreads about books on climate The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable by.
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Meanwhile, the rest of the world feels its devastating consequences. Will continue the trend? Current predictions make it seem likely. Get informed and get involved—it could be you coming up with innovative ways to tackle this impending emergency. When we think of climate change, carbon emissions, the ozone layer, and rising temperatures come to mind. Klein not only leaves us with all the hard facts and figures, she uses her experience as an activist to share how all of us can address the current climate crisis. Berners-Lee and Clark attribute the problem to a deepening dependency on oil, coal, and gas.

Naomi Klein's provocative book unveils the myths surrounding the climate change debate and explores how the "free market" is holding us back from important changes. Merchants of Doubt follows a group of high-level scientists and advisers who have purposefully misled the public, denying evidence of climate change in an effort to placate corporate and political interests. Promising review: "Exceptional. Put this book at the very top of your reading list. The authors provide a clear, stunning, and engaging history of how a handful of scientists were able to keep doubt alive during every occasion in which scientific evidence threatened to cut into a corporation's profit or a politician's proposed policy. Earl Swift provides a thorough, intimate look at the small, tight-knit community of Tangier Island, Virginia — and how that community is responding to its destruction by the effects of climate change. Promising review: "A well-told story about the watermen of the Chesapeake Bay and the blue crabs and oysters that sustain them.

T oday we live with non-stop special events of fire, flood, mud slide, rising water, whirling hurricanes, toxic algae blooms, unprecedented droughts. Most of us were short-changed by educations that ignored ecology. We need clear explanations of climate change, what it means and how to cope with it. Tim Flannery , an Australian mammalogist, is a supple writer with a wide-ranging and questioning mind. His The Weather-Makers gave lucid and easily understandable explanations of climate change, both a history and a look into what might come next.


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