Everything you need to know about motorcycle maintenance

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everything you need to know about motorcycle maintenance

Motorcycle Maintenance Quotes (10 quotes)

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Published 28.12.2018

4 Mechanical Jobs Every Motorcyclist Should Learn

Everything You Need to Know about Motorcycle Servicing

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Even someone like me, who has the dexterity of a drunken penguin, can do basic motorcycle maintenance. Motorcycles, in general, are much simpler machines than their four wheeled counterparts. Nearly every component is just hanging out in the open, ripe for the picking. A simple set of metric wrenches and allen keys will allow you to disassemble basically my entire bike. Hell, you can do a full oil change without ever laying on the ground, or removing any covers or skid plates. Go ahead, do the whole thing from your chair, relax and put your feet up.

Routine motorcycle maintenance is often a term that many riders overlook when getting a motor bike. These machines have advanced in performance and quality from 50 years ago and are only getting better as time progresses but it's no secret that they still require more maintenance and upkeep than a car, after all your safety in your own hands and a little bit of effort can mean the difference between a fun Sunday ride, a breakdown or even worse, an accident. You don't have to be a well trained mechanic these days to make sure your bike is ready for the road, I remember I once traveled for days on a trip from Alaska to Argentina on my Kawasaki KLR , and I didn't even know how to change a tire, but my daily inspection helped keep the bike in tip top shape and made sure I was able to complete the trip. Today I'll share my routine for daily motorcycle maintenance that you should follow to help prevent and make sure you have a safe and fun ride every time, and it might even save you expensive repairs later on down the road. Daily Pre-check and Inspection Routine.

Regular motorcycle maintenance items

After rebuilding an engine, there is no better sound than to hear it start at the first kick or a touch of a button. But for all mechanics, learning how to undertake mechanical work must be done in stages; it starts with basic jobs and progresses, as the knowledge base increases to more challenging work. There is no set learning path for most home mechanics. Often, their knowledge increases with the necessity to undertake repairs or maintenance : from changing a dirty spark plug, through a full service to carb cleaning , for instance. However, the complexity of mechanical work can be seen in the following lists. The order gives an idea of the knowledge required, and the list progresses from the easy to complex. Needless to say, as the complexity of work increases, so too does the amount and quality of tools required.


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    5 Motorcycle Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself | GEICO

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