Stories about selfishness in the bible

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stories about selfishness in the bible

The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde

Dont you tell me that you have not read this one!

The sign that got trapped in the labyrinth of my 3rd grade mind reading his English Gulmohar was this :

Got burnt into my memory. And that is how I dug this books out of my pensive to add it here on Goodreads - by searching for this sign.

Oscar Wilde knows how to tickle the juvenile readers.

Walls are made to keep dangers out. But if those bricks and mortars start eroding the warmth inside, they should be done away with. The giant constructs a wall, proper with a flashing sign, warning any crossing over onto his garden would be taken care off.

Theres this one line that serves as the evidence for the competence of Oscar Wilde passing off pristine literature to children with deftness.

Then the Spring came, and all over the country there were little blossoms and little birds. Only in the garden of the Selfish Giant it was still winter.

Verdict : Paragon of childhood memories.
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The Selfish Crocodile By Faustin Charles Illustrated By Michael Terry

Many of the "things" written in the Bible are examples, both positive and negative Most are familiar with the story of Cain -- how God rejected his sacrifice while.
Oscar Wilde

Self II: Examples of Selfishness

One day in Sunday school, our teacher told us the following story. He said many years ago there was a family that consisted of a father, a mother, and two brothers. One day the parents brought the brothers into the family room, sat them down on the couch, and showed them two gifts on the coffee table. School had just ended, and the parents said they wanted to give each son a gift to celebrate the end of the school year. One gift was wrapped in a big box with a beautiful bow, while the other gift was in a much smaller box with no bow. He really wanted the big, beautiful present, but should he choose the best present for himself or let his brother have it?

As you read these stories, take time to reflect on how each person in the story acted. This parable of Jesus gives us two amazing examples of selflessness. First, in his introduction to the parable, Jesus has an exchange with a lawyer who asks how he can get eternal life. This is what it means to be selfless! Then Jesus goes on to tell the parable of the Good Samaritan, which is perhaps the most famous parable. In it, a man is robbed, beaten and left to die on the road, and then he is ignored by a priest and a Levite. A Samaritan helps him - and Samaritans were the last people on earth that Jews expected help from!

Life is not measured by how much one owns. I have no place to keep all my crops. Rest, eat, drink, and enjoy life! Tonight your life will be taken from you. So who will get those things you have prepared for yourself?

Romans states that "whatever things were written before were written for our learning that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope. A lot of those examples are of selfish people who illustrate the characteristics and consequences having an improper attitude toward self. A consideration of those examples is beneficial for anyone who wants to "deny self" and follow Jesus Matthew An example of one who had no concern for others Genesis 4. Most are familiar with the story of Cain -- how God rejected his sacrifice while accepting that of Abel, his brother. Cain, jealous of his brother and having no regard for anyone but self, murdered his brother. When God afterward asks him where Abel was, Cain responds with the question, "Am I my brother's keeper?

Selfishness is caring more for you than for others. It is putting ourselves first. When we are not selfish we will be able to love and obey more freely. In the Bible we read the story of Cain. You can read the story in Genesis 4.



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