An object of beauty steve martin

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an object of beauty steve martin

An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin

Lacey Yeager is young, captivating, and ambitious enough to take the NYC art world by storm. Groomed at Sothebys and hungry to keep climbing the social and career ladders put before her, Lacey charms men and women, old and young, rich and even richer with her magnetic charisma and liveliness. Her ascension to the highest tiers of the city parallel the soaring heights--and, at times, the dark lows--of the art world and the country from the late 1990s through today.
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Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin's Opening Monologue: 2010 Oscars

Nov 28, “An Object of Beauty” follows the New York art world climb of Lacey Yeager. She is a charismatic character yet a very odd one to have emerged.
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T here is a moment in Steve Martin's new novel when his ambitious protagonist, the up-and-coming gallerist Lacey Yeager, eyes up an Andy Warhol picture entitled Flowers. To Yeager, the image seems "deprived of all its energy, squeezed of its juice… here was something that exerted no effort at all". But Yeager, a woman with a flashing dollar sign for a heart, buys it anyway after doing a quick check of Warhol's auction prices and coming to the conclusion that, even if she does not find the picture beautiful, the profit will be attractive enough to compensate. An Object of Beauty , which tells the story of boom and bust in the contemporary art market, shares certain similarities with that Warhol print. Just like those facsimile flowers, Martin's prose is oddly flat and lacking in depth. It feels as though he has set out to write a satire, with an arch, knowing tone that is deliberately removed from the action — like a waspish bachelor uncle at a family gathering, commenting on proceedings from the edge of the room.

One of America's most celebrated stand-ups follows his heroine into the shady side of the art world

Saturday Night Reads... - An Object Of Beauty by Steve Martin

She is a charismatic character yet a very odd one to have emerged from the imagination of Steve Martin. Martin sees. Is her story meant to be the appreciatively told tale of a canny New York predator? That of a relative innocent whose values change in the presence of vast sums of art-market money? Is she an unalloyed opportunist? Martin has crossed it too.


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    An Object of Beauty: A Novel [Steve Martin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Lacey Yeager is young, captivating, and ambitious enough to.

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