Dragon ball z gt transformation game

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dragon ball z gt transformation game

Dragon Ball GT: Transformation: Prima Official Game Guide by Eric Mylonas

Witness the Beginning of the Transformation!
·Detailed breakdowns of all seven playable characters, including special moves, strengths, and weaknesses
·Insider tips on how to create the ultimate fighting team
·Every level and boss explored, including strategic boss battle tactics
·Learn how to execute the most advanced moves and attacks
·Exclusive interview with the makers of Dragon Ball GT: Transformation
·Maps for every level, including the location of all enemies
·Special section reveals every unlockable bonus character and secret
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CODIGOS ESCONDIDOS (DragonBall GT: Transformation) GBA

Dragon Ball GT: Transformation – Guides and FAQs

Dragon Ball GT: Transformation sports multiple modes of play, but the story mode is the only one available from the beginning. The other gameplay modes must be unlocked by the player by purchasing them with acquired zeni , which is rewarded to the player at the end of each stage, based on their performance. The player's total points are converted into zeni, and bonuses are rewarded based on multiple factors such as time, combos, and power-ups obtained. This is the main mode of the game. Throughout the course of the game, players collect the rest of the Dragon Balls and return to Earth , which has been completely taken over by the Tuffle parasite known as " Baby ".

Game Controls

The gameplay is based on the standard classic "beat-'em-up" subgenre of fighting games, similar to games such as Sega 's Streets of Rage series, or Konami 's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games. - We currently have 33 questions with 56 answers.

No recent wiki edits to this page. Based on the Dragon Ball GT anime itself a continuation of the Dragon Ball manga and anime series , the game follows Goku who was mistakenly transformed into a kid , Pan Goku's granddaughter , and Trunks the son of protagonists Vegeta and Bulma as they travel throughout the galaxy to search for the Black Star Dragon Balls. Afterwards, the trio must fight the forces of the mutant Tuffle Baby , who has taken over the body of Vegeta. Along with the traditional Story Mode, the game features four additional game modes: Single Player where players play through the campaign with a customizable team , and three survival-based modes which can be played in two-player multiplayer with a link cable. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for:.


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