Eminem live for the moment

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eminem live for the moment

Quote by Eminem: “Thats why we sing for these kids who dont hav...”

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Published 14.03.2019

Sing For The Moment

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The sad and lonely life of an Eminem fan in I was born in , which makes me the perfect age to grow up idolizing Eminem. In Maine, I remember driving by the fleshy carcasses of deer hanging off rusty basketball hoops in driveways. My brother and I were abused and changed schools a lot. Eminem spoke to all of that, and what he said was powerful enough that it became undeniable. He was rapping about a lot of really terrible and hateful things, but the visions of poverty he offered were terrifyingly, oppressively real. Love them or hate them, the stories Eminem was telling were real.

The rap star was impressed by the massive crowd of 81, at the MCG. Credit: Jeremy Deputat. Rap superstar Eminem packed out the MCG on Sunday with almost 81, fans piling into the stadium, smashing Melbourne's previous concert attendance record held by 's Sound Relief. The startlingly young crowd - probably not yet born in Eminem's early s heyday - cheered madly as the rapper thundered through a blistering set of hits and memories, projecting like King Kong over imposing video screens. Sound quality occasionally lapsed as it tried to fill the vast space, yet most were blown away by the sheer spectacle the newly-sober rapper brought to the stadium. Everything about the Eminem Rapture concert was epic in scope and scale.

Being a music fan in was strange: Rock had splintered into the dying groans of post-grunge and the beginnings of blog-friendly indie rock with pop-punk trouncing both in sales. Electronic music was coming down from the rave days of the late 90s, discovering its sensitive side through Four Tet and various IDM acts. Meanwhile, hip-hop was ruled by Roc-a-Fella and the Neptunes. Rap-rock was a thing. And the biggest star anywhere was Eminem. It feels funny to refer to The Eminem Show as a grappling-with-fame album— The Slim Shady LP had already made Eminem a star , and The Marshall Mathers LP had already done its share of addressing that fame —but the extent to which Em became not only ubiquitous but suffocatingly present post- Marshall Mathers was beyond anything even he probably expected. As such, the album was filled with gloats, hand-wringing, and tales of excess that bordered on self-destruction.

Looking for inspirational Eminem quotes? Soon after, he signed with Dr. To date, Eminem has released 9 studio albums, which have all been massive hits, making him one of the biggest sensations in the rap industry.
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