Understanding digital signal processing solution

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understanding digital signal processing solution

Understanding Digital Signal Processing by Richard G. Lyons

One of the best textbooks Ive read. The authors tone is fantastic. Heres an example: Unfortunately, many authors make a statement like and we know that, and drop [equations] on the unsuspecting reader whos expected to accept these expressions on faith. Assuming you dont have a Ph.D. in mathematics, you may wonder what arithmetic sleight of hand allows us to arrive at [these equations].

The book is very well balanced. When it explores key equations or identities in detail, it provides intuitive, comprehensive explanations. When it omits proofs, it does so in order to maintain a brisk, interesting pace (also providing references to literature with more information). I imagine one would be hard-pressed to find a better introduction to the subject.
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Fourier Transform, Fourier Series, and frequency spectrum

Lyons, Richard G - Understanding Digital Signal Processing

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1st Edition

Digital Signal Processing Basics and Nyquist Sampling Theorem

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