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sole school in the cloud

The School in the Cloud: The Emerging Future of Learning by Sugata Mitra

The Science and the Story of the Future of Learning
In 1999, Sugata Mitra conducted the famous Hole in the Wall experiment that inspired three TED Talks and earned him the first million-dollar TED prize for research in 2013. Since then, he has conducted new research around self-organized learning environments (SOLE), building Schools in the Cloud all over the world. This new book shares the results of this research and offers
- Examples of thriving Schools in the Cloud in unlikely places
- Mitras predictions on the future of learning
- How to design assessments for self-organizing learning
- How to build your own School in the Cloud
- Clips from the documentary, The School in the Cloud
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Published 23.09.2019

School in the cloud. SOLE

Sugata Mitra creates a School in the Cloud

The image of her cheerful face on the large screen is grainy, but it is enough to get the odd children attending the session that day excited. Korakati village is about km from Kolkata, located deep inside the deltaic Sunderbans region criss-crossed by numerous rivers and canals, rising and ebbing to the tidal flow of the Bay of Bengal nearby. It can be reached in about 5 hours from Kolkata—the route involves car and boat rides, walking, and travel on open vans. Electricity arrived last year in the village, which is home mostly to below poverty line BPL families and first-generation literates. There are seven such schools, two in the UK and the rest in India—one each in Maharashtra and Delhi and three, including the one at Sunderbans, in West Bengal. Mitra to help kick-start his project. The school, also referred to as a lab, has around students, including 49 regular ones whose activities and development are documented for research by two coordinators.

Since then, he has conducted new research around self-organized learning environments SOLE , building "Schools in the Cloud" all over the world.
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Modern schooling looks much like it did years ago. The teacher in front of a class, the students in orderly desks — this system developed under the British Empire. But with the rise of the Internet, memorization of facts just isn't as important. For the jobs of the future, students need to learn how to think critically. This is the paradigm shift Sugata Mitra hopes to usher in with the School in the Cloud.

H alf term usually brings forth a minor deluge of U-rated animated features, laid out like cinematic kitchen roll to absorb the attention of restless children. This documentary offers, instead, debate-stimulating viewing for all educators enjoying time off, too. In the late 90s, Mitra set up an experiment. He made a hole in the wall of his office building in New Delhi, in which he installed a computer screen and mousepad for use by local slum kids. The way he tells the story, after a few months they wanted more expensive graphics cards and a better mouse, and displayed a thirst for knowledge that got Mitra thinking about how our Victorian-designed, factory-style education systems might be improved with modern technology.


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