You make me a better woman

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you make me a better woman

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Published 09.07.2019

Make me a better woman

Thank you for breaking me and making me into the strong woman I knew I'd become.

How To Be A Better Man! 10 Life Changing Tips!

If he inspires me like that, then the rest will come naturally. They build you up and make you strive to be your best self. Practically his entire collection of love sonnets is inspired by someone else. His greatest work was rooted in his adoration and admiration for a mysterious lover. Falling in love with someone who excites you is ancient.

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Powered by WordPress. If he has to convince you to do things, do you really understand him? Maintain yourself physically and health wise, to prove you are willing to be the best you can be for him. Do it naturally, and he will appreciate you and think you are marriage material. The difference between a healthy relationship that encourages a man to marry you, and an unhealthy marriage that pushes a man away is this: blame or responsibility. They also criticize to try and show you a solution or a better way to do something, if they see you are struggling. You also become insecure when he wants to make love to you.

Thank you for breaking me. It seems like an odd gratitude but I mean that with the deepest sincerity. It took almost 2 years of being in this relationship that I painted pretty for the world to see, to learn that faking it till you make it, is a complete and utter fail. Faking smiles, heart felt letters on social media, anything that can make it seem like we were a happy home was the indulgence that led me to the falter of the hopeful prosperity that was our love. It crumbled week by week in the palms of my hands and I had to get out.


  1. Gesualdo V. says:

    Everyone I've met thus far in my life has played a part in my story.

  2. Cimuviders says:

    Before we move any further and break down the ways to be a better man for her, I am going to just say one thing: This is your first step.

  3. Ailen A. says:

    Marley was dead to begin with make your own inuyasha character

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