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get rid of your accent audio

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Published 09.12.2019

Get Rid of your Accent video

Cancel anytime. The audiobook is based on a tried and trusted method, used in London drama schools, that helps British people with provincial accents learn standard British English.
Lisa Mojsin

Accent Reduction Online - Get Rid of Your Accent Now

FREE Download. Do you have a thick accent that makes it hard for Native English speakers to understand you quickly? Spoken English Practice specializes in getting rid of thick accents through our unique Skype Conversation Lessons. The best way to get a perfect accent is conversational practice with Native English Speakers. Learn More.

Get Rid of Your Accent for Business audiobook cover art .. pronunciation) English sounds in this speech training manual, which will help you sound educated.
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Publisher's Summary

So You Want to Lose Your Accent

We have been helping people succeed through accent reduction and English language learning for more than a decade. Our products are used by people around the world, and we have personally trained politicians, diplomats and professionals at our offices in London and globally via Skype. Book your speech analysis via Skype. We will recommend an appropriate app and book and specific lessons to practice. Change the way you speak English forever! No more being asked to repeat yourself!


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    Get Rid of your Accent.

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    Cancel anytime.

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    Get Rid of Your Accent Audiobook | Linda James, Olga Smith |

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    Book a speech analysis via Skype to get a personalized assessment and app, public speaking app; American accent app and General American audio book.

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